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William Deresiewicz

William Deresiewicz is a Nation contributing writer whose Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life is forthcoming in August from the Free Press.


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Technology has made us capable of exterminating ourselves. In The Year of the Flood, Margaret Atwood wonders what might save us.

Will narrowed on a single object and fixed in the face of adversity--such is the recurring story of Gabriel García Márquez's work and life.

If art is a product of the mind, and the mind a product of evolution, is art a product of evolution?

With Don't Cry, a disabling self-consciousness has crept into Mary Gaitskill's fiction.

Does the profit motive distort and degrade the unpredictable path of scientific discovery?

Postcard From Nebraska

Dannebrog, Neb.

James Wood may be the best literary critic we have, but the status he enjoys reveals just how far we have fallen.

Why the commentariat's response to hand-wringing about "the decline of reading" condescends to the large mass of nonspecialist readers.