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Vivian Gornick

Vivian Gornick is an essayist and critic. Her biography of Emma Goldman is forthcoming from Yale.


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Andrew Delbanco's new biography of Herman Melville reveals that the
great writer came to realize that what torments men is not the longing
to believe that there is meaning in the universe, but that behind the
longing lies fear of nothingness.

A new biography of one of the Enlightment's most remarkable thinkers.

Jonathan Safran Foer, wunderkind.

One afternoon in January 1892, in a packed convention hall in Washington, DC, the 76-year-old Elizabeth Cady Stanton rose from her seat to address the annual meeting of the National American Woma

In no literature in the world has the immigrant novel been more varied, more original, more persistent than in ours--and this for the most obvious of reasons.

In 1947 Saul Bellow published a novel called The Victim in which a derelict character named Kirby Allbee haunts another named Asa Leventhal, claiming that Leventhal is responsible for his

In 1890 the American feminist Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote a
remarkable short story, "The Yellow Wallpaper," about a woman--genteel,
educated, with more than a casual taste for intellectual l