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The Supreme Court continues its hearings on President Obama's 2010 Affordable Care Act today in Washington D.C.

A collection of articles from The Nation translated into Spanish.

Each week, Nation interns pick compelling stories in their areas of interest.

When Mitt Romney announced his bid for the White House, he seemed to be the likely front-runner—but that was before the GOP base had the chance to find out just how deep he is in Wall Street's pockets

What's happened to the safety net since the arrival of the Great Recession? Take a look.

How can Occupy activists build a foundation for long-term change?

Three pieces from The Nation's archives offering brisk and incisive critiques of the magazines Time, Fortune and Life.

Are there Occupy Wall Street events currently under \way in your city? The Nation wants dispatches from your local actions.

Starting at 1AM, NYPD moved in to clear out Liberty Square, destroying protesters property and tents. Watch the feed here.


Carlos Fuentes, David Foster Wallace, Aaron Sorkin, William Gass, and many more.
This summer, OWS-affiliated student groups are planning a national convergence in Columbus, Ohio.
This video, created by twenty-something Princeton graduate Nikki Muller, is garnering international attention as a critique of over-...
At Howard, Britney Wilson was both an advocate and critic.
This is what international solidarity looks like.
This powerful black and white film shows protesters of all ages, races and hues taking to the streets to protest Canada's emergency law...
Join us on Friday, June 1st for a live discussion with Van Jones and Ari Berman on the state of the Obama coalition in 2012.
Your civic obligation has begun, Judge Sandra Lynch tells BU grads.