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The late socialist economist Harry Magdoff read Marx at
fifteen and never looked back. A self-educated co-editor of the
Monthly Review, he not only fought for a just and humane world;
he embodied his politics in the way he conducted his life.

The pursuit of truth in drama is elusive, but in life it is mandatory, wrote Harold Pinter, who died Wednesday at 78. When he won the 2005 Nobel Prize for literature, he condemned the United States for its actions in Iraq and and called on its citizens to reject the manipulation of political language.

Iraq is a nation on fire, a conflagration of America's making that threatens to consume everything the nation stands for. How did we get there? How do we get out? Can we get out?

As Barack Obama touched down in China, the American press seemed to settle on a single story line.

More than 7,000 people perished in a hurricane that
swept the Texas coast on September 13, 1900. In two unsigned dispatches,
The Nation described the scene. September 13 and September
20, 1900, issues.

With its war in Iraq and its talk of promoting democracy, the Bush
Administration has begun to transform the Middle East--but not always in
ways it may have intended.

Victor Navasky and E.L. Doctorow discuss the importance of dissenting publications.

Winners of the 2005 Discovery/The Nation Poetry Prize


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