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Julian Assange is our readers' choice, followed by Sen. Bernie Sanders and Bradley Manning. Read why and see who else got votes.

Who should be The Nation readers' choice for person of the year, and why?

In his new book, Cohen tells the all-but unknown story of the nearly 6 million inmates who survived the often murderous brutality of Stalin's Gulag.

Our new weekly poll seemed to be resonating with our site users incensed with the midterm results so we put the question to The Nation's Twitter followers:  "How do you feel about the sweeping GOP midterm gains?"

Results, reactions, and analysis from Nation editors live throughout the night.

Did you have an observation at the polls today that you'd like to share? A story about something you heard or witnessed? A voting experience you think we should know about? Share your election day stories with The Nation.

Watch The Nation's John Nichols, Richard Kim and Laura Flanders on Free Speech TV's election night coverage live.

This Saturday, Americans from across the country descended on Washington, DC, either to restore sanity with Jon Stewart or keep fear alive with Stephen Colbert. The Nation wants your photos from the march.

A live stream of Republican Representative Michele Bachmann and Democratic Farm Laborer Party's Tarryl Clark debating in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Personal Democracy Forum's 10Questions enables voters not only to ask questions of candidates but also vote on whether candidates gave satisfactory answers. What do you want to ask your candidate?


The nation’s largest student-run political action committee just announced its first Congressional endorsements of the volatile...
Every week, Nation interns try to cut through the echo chamber and choose one good article in their area of interest that they...
On November 9, hundreds of Harvard students put down tents to begin an occupation of Harvard Yard.
Institutions like Penn State need to protect the communities that they are a part of.
Is Occupy Wall Street becoming more political?
Every week, Nation interns try to cut through the echo chamber and choose one good article in their area of interest that they...
The New School, with its tradition of outspoken dialogue and free debate, is probably the ideal site for an OWS teach-in.
Harvard students are planning to walk out of economist Gregory Mankiw's Econ 10 class on tomorrow, Wednesday, November 2, to show...