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This Saturday, Americans from across the country descended on Washington, DC, either to restore sanity with Jon Stewart or keep fear alive with Stephen Colbert. The Nation wants your photos from the march.

A live stream of Republican Representative Michele Bachmann and Democratic Farm Laborer Party's Tarryl Clark debating in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

Personal Democracy Forum's 10Questions enables voters not only to ask questions of candidates but also vote on whether candidates gave satisfactory answers. What do you want to ask your candidate?

This Sunday, thousands of concerned citizens from around the world will be celebrating climate solutions and pressing governments for change. The Nation wants your images of events on this day of global climate action.

Submit shots from this Saturday's One Nation, Working Together march to The Nation's Flickr stream—we might use them in our slide show of the event!

Naidoo talks about disappointments at Copenhagen, coalition-building among progressive organizations and the uncomfortable truth about consumption and quality of life.

Peter Dreier's list of fifty people who pushed America to be more progressive during the twentieth century leaves much room for debate. Please let us know whom we missed.

For his article China in the Driver's Seat, Robert Dreyfuss talked to dozens of progressive academics, journalists and policy-makers about the rise of the new economic superpower. Here, find links to excerpts from interviews with Carolyn Bartholomew, Andy Stern, James Galbraith, and more.

Last week we did an informal poll of Nation writers and editors asking them to pick one YouTube video which they thought deserved a wider viewing. Check out some of the interesting suggestions we got.

Responses to Eric Alterman's "Kabuki Democracy," featuring Michael Kazin, Barbara Ehrenreich, Norman Ornstein, Salim Muwakkil, Theda Skocpol and Chris Bowers.


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Each week, The Nation interns pick compelling stories in their areas of interest.
Each week, The Nation interns pick compelling stories in their areas of interest.
A visual record of US student protests.
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Every week, interns at The Nation try to cut through the echo chamber and select an important article in their area of interest that they...
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