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Sharon Lerner

Sharon Lerner

Sharon Lerner (@fastlerner) is a longtime contributor to The Nation. Her reporting focuses on health, education and other issues affecting children and families.


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Antichoice activists cross another line.

As Congress squabbles over how and whether to revamp the welfare law,
one thing is clear: The Bush Administration has marriage on the mind.
The Administration has already promised to make marri


Stacey Abrams fights the antiabortion wackos so you don’t have to.
Looking at an unhappy future shaped by family planning cuts.
Members of Congress—including some who oppose abortion—are beginning to see recent attempts to defund contraception for what...
Dr. Chisale Mhango wanted to present research on the harm illegal abortion does to Malawian women. USAID decided that ran afoul of the...
Under the guidelines, patients would be told that women generally don’t suffer any psychological harm as a result of having an...
Rep. Joe Pitts has specifically designed a bill to value fetuses over living women.
On abortion and birth control, it's old men with red-ish neckties versus poor women of color.