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Sharon Lerner (@fastlerner) is a longtime contributor to The Nation. Her reporting focuses on health, education and other issues affecting children and families.


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Another complication in healthcare reform legislation has emerged: so far, it fails to require insurers to cover basic preventive services for women, including contraception.

Two anti-choice amendments considered by the Senate Finance Committee today were soundly defeated.

If Republicans don't have much hope of derailing healthcare reform, they still have a shot at seriously limiting women's access to affordable reproductive healthcare.

Under the current healthcare system, many women have become a medical underclass. So why do so many oppose a healthcare overhaul?

With his deceptive ad linking Obama to condom ed for kindergartners, McCain broaches he'd best avoid.

President Bush's neglect of government-sponsored childcare programs has a steep price. Children are paying.

What's at stake for women if Samuel Alito is confirmed to the US
Supreme Court? Reproductive rights are only the tip of the iceberg.

If Samuel Alito is confirmed to the US Supreme Court, his impact on
limiting reproductive rights would be certain and swift, due to his
record and to two key abortion rights cases making their way to the
Supreme Court.

As House Republicans use the cost of recovery from Gulf Coast storms as
an excuse to rip last-minute holes in the social safety net, it's not
too late to change priorities.

A program in Louisiana that was founded to discourage teens from having sex encourages them to engage in politics.


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