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Robert Scheer, a contributing editor to The Nation, is editor of Truthdig.com and author of The Great American Stickup: How Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats Enriched Wall Street While Mugging Main Street (Nation Books), The Pornography of Power: How Defense Hawks Hijacked 9/11 and Weakened America (Twelve) and Playing President (Akashic Books). He is author, with Christopher Scheer and Lakshmi Chaudhry, of The Five Biggest Lies Bush Told Us About Iraq (Akashic Books and Seven Stories Press.) His weekly column, distributed by Creators Syndicate, appears in the San Francisco Chronicle.


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As long as firms are willing to hire them, immigrants will come.

California's opportunist attorney general looks past the allegations against Schwarzenegger.

Sorry to betray such a low level of lust for revenge, but as a card-carrying member of the American Civil Liberties Union, I am duty-bound to defend the rights of even those I loathe.

Clark is in a unique position to challenge Bush's foreign policy.

We're all familiar with Arnold the actor, but who writes the script if he wins?

How can the GOP women endorse misogynist Schwarzenegger?

'Misspeak' first for the front page, 'correct' it later in the back...

American experts urged the White House to be skeptical, but they hit a stone wall.

The giggle factor might propel a Jesse Ventura wannabe into management of the world's sixth-largest economy.