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Marcel Ophuls documents Vichy France's shameful collaboration with Nazi Germany.

Robert DeNiro put on sixty pounds during the course of filming, probably by swallowing all that Hershey's syrup Martin Scorsese used for blood in the brutal black and white fight scenes.

Of all the shiksa goddesses that Woody Allen created, none could top Annie Hall. "La-dee-da, la-dee-da..."

James Dean makes his motion picture debut in this Elia Kazan movie film of John Steinbeck's novel set in rural California, just prior to America's involvement in World War I.

While no flying nun, Salley Field is no less than heavenly as a wife and mother, organizing her fellow workers in a Southern textile factory.

A brutal tale that, ironically, sent thousands of moviegoers on their way whistling a happy tune.

Stanley Kubrick's exploration of nearly every popular sci-fi theme has since become firmly rooted in our cultural landscape

Stanley Kubrick's chilling black comedy satirized fanatical cold war militarism.

Six people sit down for dinner and never get around to actually eating.

All it took were three mechanical sharks and a two-note tuba chorus. In the summer of 1975, the fish had the oceans to themselves.