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Robert Dreyfuss, a Nation contributing editor, is an investigative journalist specializing in politics and national security. He is the author of Devil's Game: How the United States Helped Unleash Fundamentalist Islam and is a frequent contributor to Rolling Stone, The American Prospect and Mother Jones.


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The dean of American investigative journalism knows a thing or two about how to vet sources and separate fact from fiction.

The bill now being pushed by the neocons and AIPAC could destroy the most promising developments in a decade.

Hamid Karzai is right: it compromises Afghan sovereignty and ensures ten more years of US occupation.

It’s looking increasingly likely—but there’s reason to fear the White House will overplay its hand.

How a series of foreign policy flubs, stumbles and mini-disasters have underscored the Obama administration’s increasing irrelevance in the region.

A recounting of three horrific US/ISAF civilian massacres, the procedures implemented to prevent such events from happening again—and why those procedures were inadequate.

Even among staunchly antiwar politicians and pundits, few bother to mention the cost of the war to civilians.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal himself put it best: “Because of civilian casualties, I think we have just about eroded our credibility here.”

In a clear challenge to hardliners, President-elect Hassan Rouhani vowed, ‘I have come to destroy extremism.’

There are some hopeful signs, including his recent speech at the National Defense University and a new, less hawkish foreign policy team.


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