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Richard Kim is the executive editor of TheNation.com. He is co-editor, with Betsy Reed, of the New York Times bestselling anthology Going Rouge: Sarah Palin, An American Nightmare. Kim has appeared on MSNBC's Up with Chris Hayes, Melissa Harris-Perry, CNN, NPR, Al Jazeera, Democracy Now! and other media outlets. He has taught at New York University and Skidmore College. Follow him on Twitter @richardkimnyc.


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If the United Nations is to keep its promise to grant people with AIDS universal
access to treatment by 2010, it will be because activists are holding
world leaders accountable.

Pop culture does more than validate the claim that torture could help foil bombs seconds before detonation. In shows like 24, where scenes of sensory deprivation are mixed with family melodrama, torture is so routine that it seems one more plot device to create intimacy in characters. The reality is that torture isolates its victims from any sense of intimacy.

The wacky televangelist may have done us a favor by bringing the insanity of Bush Administration tactics into plain view.

An international furor over the hanging of "two gay teenagers" in Iran.

By engaging the marriage debate only in terms of "gay rights," progressives have put themselves in a losing position.

Mary Cheney has devoted her entire career to providing cover for lesbian-hating organizations.

How Jim McGreevey perfected the art of swimming in the mainstream.

For better or worse, there isn't always magic in marriage, but it does involve a certain alchemy.

When gays wed, all hell will break loose. If only.

The Supreme Court's sweeping June 26 ruling in Lawrence v. Texas
came almost seventeen years to the day after one of the darkest moments
in the history of the gay movement.


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