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Peter Rothberg

Peter Rothberg

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Peter Rothberg, the Nation's Associate Publisher, has been writing a blog covering the world of activism since 2003. His previous positions with The Nation include editor of thenation.com, publicity director, special projects director and intern. A periodic radio commentator, Rothberg is a former speech-writer for civil rights leader Julian Bond and the editor of Lived History: Lives We've Lost, 2012-13. A charter member of the Brooklyn Literary Council, a board member of Living Liberally, an editorial advisor for Youngist and a Contributing Editor to the Brooklyn Quarterly, Rothberg lives in Brooklyn, New York, where he was born and raised. Follow him on Twitter @peterrothberg.


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An activist ahead of his time, Richard L. Grossman, a community organizer, galvanized work on a variety of progressive causes during his remarkable four-decade career.

The Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, a giant of the civil rights movement known for his decades of work in support of desegregation, died Wednesday in Birmingham, Alabama.

Luper’s courage at a young age helped change the course of race relations in Oklahoma City.

Best known for a photograph of her and Bob Dylan that became the cover of The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, Rotolo devoted her life to the progressive causes which had engaged her since well before she met the folk singer.


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"The most fateful battle in human history is finally joined and we will fight it together."
There are now more than 256 organized campaigns at schools coast to coast, and the number is growing daily.
Greek workers are trying to kick-start production at a dormant factory and prove themselves a viable new model.