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Norman Birnbaum

Norman Birnbaum is professor emeritus at the Georgetown University Law Center. He was on the founding editorial board of New Left Review and is a member of the editorial board of The Nation. His most recent book is After Progress: American Social Reform and European Socialism in the Twentieth Century (Oxford).


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Whoever now governs the country (a point on which there was no agreement) is likely to remain resolutely indifferent to the message of Left Forum 2009.

Italy's small, independent, radical daily is an indispensable voice on the left.

A half-century later, re-evaluating the works of C. Wright Mills, in The Politics of Truth.

A nation whose citizens have been largely turned off to politics held Barack Obama in a fervent embrace, viewing America once again as a place of new possibilities.

By concealing for a near-lifetime that he had served in the Waffen SS, literary giant Günter Grass treated himself with an indulgence he did not hesitate to deem a moral defect in others. And for that, we are all losers.

An American Jewish identity that centers on unconditional defense of
Israel is not healthy--for either American Jews or Israel.

As political parties in Germany dance toward a coalition
following the stalemated elections, the country is in for a turbulent
month--and new elections are a serious option.

America's narcissism and willful blindness to its own
moral failings have been placed in sharp relief as the nation fitfully
responds to the needs of storm victims.

The Catholic Church under John Paul II

A look at the real Europe--and at the real issues it has with US policy.