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Nicholas von Hoffman

Nicholas von Hoffman, a veteran newspaper, radio and TV reporter and columnist, is the author, most recently, of Radical: A Portrait of Saul Alinsky, due out this month from Nation Books.


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The rickety financial skyscaper known as the subprime mortgage business is ready to tumble--and the rest of us may be buried in the rubble.

Corrupt college administrators have sold out students and buried them in a mountain of debt.

They're laughed at and pushed to the edge of the podium as frontrunners dominate the debate, but they sometimes have the guts to tell the truth.

A new biography reveals that the Senator from New York--and a host of other Democrats--did not get all the facts before casting a crucial vote to invade Iraq.

Baghdad's Green Zone is swiftly becoming a very unsafe place for Americans. How much worse can it get?

The Iraqi government bans news footage of street carnage and the Pentagon blocks soldiers' access to YouTube and MySpace. Can we assume from this that the surge is going badly?

All France was transfixed as presidential candidates conducted a passionate, freewheeling debate this week. Why are American debates so intentionally stupid?

A new PBS documentary provides a lush but not very enlightening look at Mormons in America.

Out of ideas and bleeding money, mainstream media gives itself yet another round of prizes. They should spend some time recalibrating their values.

The media's superficial coverage of Don Imus avoids important questions
about free speech and race.