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Nicholas von Hoffman

Nicholas von Hoffman, a veteran newspaper, radio and TV reporter and columnist, is the author, most recently, of Radical: A Portrait of Saul Alinsky, due out this month from Nation Books.


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China is losing its taste for lending the United States money that finances our wars, props up our dollar and shores up our credit.

Bush is soft-pedaling the idea of sacrifice as a way of making his war palatable to ordinary Americans. But the tactic isn't working all that well.

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The surge is Bush's last throw of the dice. If it fails, he may decimate an exhausted Army and leave the nation without reserves.

Congress should levy a Victory Over Terror tax on the superrich which would expire once our troops are safely home.

Now that he is safely dead, good guy Jerry Ford has come out against the war.

We are fast, too fast, approaching the 3,000th American combat death in

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As US Air seeks to create a mega-airline by gobbling up Delta, the
evidence mounts that a free market in the sky just doesn't work.