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Mychal Denzel Smith

Mychal Denzel Smith

Mychal Denzel Smith is a contributing writer at The Nation, a blogger at TheNation.com and a Knobler Fellow at the Nation Institute. He is also a freelance writer and social commentator. His work on race, politics, social justice, pop culture, hip hop, mental health, feminism and black male identity has appeared in various publications, including The Guardian, Ebony, theGrio, the Root, Huffington Post and GOOD.


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How Bill de Blasio can help solve the twin problems of over-policing and under-educating in one swoop

Mayor Bloomberg and Ray Kelly lost big: a federal court ruling and a new law ban the racial profiling that undergirds the discriminatory practice. 

How long are we supposed to remain calm when the laws we are called on to respect are an open assault on our humanity?

Let's face the truth: anyone with a gun can be a "bad guy." What we need is fewer guns, period.

Those new to the cause of defending black life will soon have to face the bleak truth black people have lived with for so long: we don’t often win.

Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law puts the threshold for self-defense so low that major questions in this case will likely go unanswered.


Key issues on my racial justice agenda for this year.
The current debate around Santa’s racial identity is mostly silly—but it reveals some deep-seated fears around the loss of...
With his choice of William Bratton as the “new” police commissioner, mayor-elect Bill de Blasio sends a message: things are...
The question of whether the United States has gotten “better” with regards to racism is a useless one. 
The teenager’s death sets off a familiar refrain when thinking about the history of race in the United States. 
College campuses are places for challeging intellectual debate, but racist ideology is neither challenging or intellectual. 
Even blatantly racist cops are still only operatives in a larger racist system.