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Michelle Goldberg

Michelle Goldberg

Michelle Goldberg is a senior contributing writer at The Nation. She is the author of The Means of Reproduction: Sex, Power and the Future of the World, and Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism.


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According to many conservatives, the poor have it easy.

How the American right’s obsession with male status legitimated the transition to a neoliberal ethos.

A consolidated publishing industry, along with the right-wing media machine, has fostered the market for extremist hit jobs.

Margaret Sanger’s legacy continues to haunt debates about abortion and family planning.

As abortion rights are eroded and fetuses are endowed with personhood, women are ending up in jail.

Congressman Peter King's dark fantasies about American Muslims are intruding on reality.

Sarah Palin breathes new life into the religious right's vitiated political movement.

As the Palin bandwagon gathers steam, progressive Alaskans who know her raise objections.


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