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Mark Hertsgaard

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Mark Hertsgaard, The Nation’s environment correspondent, is an independent journalist and the author of six books that have been translated into sixteen languages, including HOT:  Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth.


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Ken Salazar is one of the strongest advocates of offshore drilling in Washington. Will his Interior Department really enforce the moratorium on new drilling permits?

Activists are figuring out what went wrong at the climate summit and what to do next.

The Copenhagen summit has witnessed the coming of age of a genuine, global and muscular mass movement on behalf of climate action.

Poor countries can make big gains in climate talks if they stick together, argues Saleemul Huq.

In the dry Sahel, farmers are already adapting to climate change.

A frightening new climate change study says the United States must quit carbon within ten years.

Washington and Beijing should launch an efficiency revolution, the quickest path to large emissions cuts.

The First Lady hopes to entice Americans away from their junk food past to a healthier, more delicious future.

America must step up and lead an international campaign to curb emissions. Done properly, it will green the planet and our wallets.


President Obama and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao will meet within hours in Copenhagen to try to break the deadlock.
The Alliance of Small Island Nations roils summit with call for huge emissions reductions as activists prepare for global day of action...
How Obama could save or scuttle a deal in Copenhagen, and why he needs civil society to push him.