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Lewis Lapham

Lewis Lapham, former editor of Harper's is launching a new venture, Lapham's
Quarterly. His most recent book is Pretensions to Empire.


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Over the decades, this catchall term has lost all bite and meaning.

The death of American exceptionalism—and of me.

With overfishing, acidification and garbage-ification, the seven seas aren’t what they once were.

Are our relations with the animal world going the way of the great auk?

The unwinnable war transforms a freedom-loving republic into a freedom-fearing national security state.


Election politics today are little more than advertising. But it wasn't always that way. 

Magic and the making of an American political culture.

The Internet as a toy with a tin ear and a wooden tongue.

A person can only eat so much, but the craving for money is boundless—the purse, not the belly, is the void that is never filled.