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Laura Stampler

Laura Stampler is the Nation's Washington DC intern. You can follow her on Twitter @laurastampler.


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From Minnesota to Texas to Illinois, the right is using the myth of voter fraud to challenge potentially millions of eligible voters.

At the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear, social and political commentary did shine through absurdism and acts of showmanship.

Most of the 2,800 Tea Partiers at a two-day convention in Virginia either hadn’t heard of or didn’t care about the controversy over Lou Dobbs's reliance on the labor of undocumented immigrants.

One month before voters head to the polls for midterm elections, tens of thousands of progressive activists from across the country converged on the Lincoln Memorial Saturday to take part in the One Nation Working Together March on Washington.


A new book examines examines this less publicized but ethically precarious admissions booster.