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Josh Eidelson

Josh Eidelson

Josh Eidelson (josheidelson.com) is a Nation contributor and was a union organizer for five years. He covers labor for as a contributing writer at Salon and In These Times.


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As administrators declare there's no alternative to austerity and corporatization in higher ed, student Occupyers fight back.

Workers at a port in Washington State are reviving strike tactics that have become nearly extinct in American labor struggles—and they may just win.

A joint march on Friday to Verizon’s Manhattan headquarters was just the latest in a series of collaborations between organized labor and Occupy Wall Street.


The federation’s general counsel tells The Nation “limited, thoughtful experiments” with alternative organizing...
A proposed regulatory change would extend some basic federal protections to long-excluded domestic workers.
The bill, requiring hourly compensation of $12.50, is a high-profile challenge to Walmart’s business model.
Port truckers in New Jersey and California are working with the Teamsters to organize—and they’re winning.
Workers allege serious safety issues, and retaliation for exposing them.
With unions in crisis, alternative labor groups have seen explosive growth. Without automatic dues deduction, how should they pay the bills?
Today's strike is designed to pressure the president to use his executive authority to raise labor standards for federal contracting.
Following a Facebook fortune-funded teacher bonus plan, Newark teachers elected an incumbent president who supports a recent “...