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John Palattella

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John Palattella is literary editor of The Nation. His essays and reviews have appeared in numerous publications, including The Nation, the London Review of Books, Bookforum and Boston Review.


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Joseph Stiglitz's Freefall, Mark Weiss's The Whole Island and Robert Darnton's The Case for Books.

Poet and Nation contributor Ange Mlinko has won the Randall Jarrell Award in Poetry Criticism for work that is "eclectic and astringent yet always lucid and generous."

Does the author of They Knew They Were Right really think he has done nothing wrong?

The narrative journalism of David Samuels finds conversation, color and conflict in the vortex of American life.

Rhetorical acts of defiance define the work of three contemporary Palestinian poets.

Nathaniel Mackey's most recent collection of subtle, intricate poetry
weaves images from Arab and African diasporas with a contemporary sense
of dislocation.

Drawing from the New York counterculture in which he immersed himself, Ted
Berrigan's sonnets and other poems sing beautifully about being broken
and graceful and tough.

Adam Kirsch prefers his own ideas about poetry to actual

Kevin Young updates the Harlem Renaissance for the hip-hop generation.

In 1958 John Ashbery sailed for Paris to gather materials for a thesis he intended to write about Raymond Roussel, who at the time was an all-but-forgotten French poet, playwright and novelist.