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Graham Usher

Graham Usher is a writer and journalist who has written extensively about the Arab world and South Asia.


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Will the PPP revive her power-sharing deal with Musharraf or join with Nawaz Sharif to re-establish constitutional rule?

For all her pro-American rhetoric, many in Benazir Bhutto's party held America responsible for the "judicial murder" of her father. Will Bhutto's assassination have a like impact?

As hopes fade for the rule of law in Pakistan, the Bush Administration signals it will settle for just the trappings of democracy. People are braced for disaster.

If the United States is so keen on spreading democracy and fighting radical Islamists, why does it continue to back a leader who has suspended the Constitution and gone to war with legal activists?

She alone can mobilize Pakistan's poor with promises of democracy, development and free, fair elections. But does she have the power to ward off US meddling and stop Pakistan's slide into chaos?

In the violent aftermath of the storming of Islamabad's Red Mosque, the
military-mullah alliance that kept Pervez Musharraf in power is
unraveling, the Taliban is ascendant, and hopes for stability are

Only reform can halt the growth of violent Islamization in Pakistan, which threatens to topple the current government.

The grisly commuter train bombings in Mumbai on July 11 both endangered the India/Pakistan peace process and underscored its fragility.

One week after bombs ripped through commuter trains in India's financial capital of Mumbai, the carnage has finally been tallied: 182 people killed and 900 injured.

Massive protests over the Muhammad cartoons add to the growing sense
that Pakistani President-General Pervez Musharraf is losing control.