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George Zornick

George Zornick

George grew up in Buffalo, NY and holds a B.A. in English from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Prior to joining The Nation, George was Senior Reporter/Blogger for ThinkProgress.org. He worked as a researcher for Michael Moore's SiCKO and as an Associate Producer on "The Media Project" on the Independent Film Channel. His work has been published in The Los Angeles Times, Media Matters, and The Buffalo News.


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From blocking nominees to launching pointless investigations to deregulating everything, the new Senate is poised to wreak havoc.

The Newtown tragedy was supposed to change everything about gun politics. Why it didn’t—and how reformers might still win.

Congress is moving to end the showdown, but will hard-liners slow everything down?

Democrats introduced a gun control bill on the first day of the new Congress. But can they overcome the NRA?

A massive recent spike in gun sales has boosted Walmart’s flagging profits, making it the top seller of firearms and ammunition nationwide.

At the RNC, Nation reporters find a hard-right party that’s cozy with lobbyists and interested in dealing with major storms only when they threaten their convention.

It took pressure from progressives to get a partly decent mortgage fraud settlement. They can’t take their eyes off the prize now.


After a long character assassination campaign by industry forces, a key safety advocate has resigned. 
Republicans refused to allow a vote on an accelerated withdrawal from Afghanistan, because they knew it would pass. 
Republican leaders want to preserve some popular parts of “Obamacare,” and that drives the Tea Party nuts. 
Independent voters in key swing states blame Wall Street for the crisis and don't think Obama has been tough enough.
The Arizona Senator says he wants to help Democrats pass a major reform bill, but how serious is he?
For the first time this year, a candidate is calling for criminal penalties for Wall Street executives. 
The Chamber of Commerce is falsely, and ironically, criticizing Democrats for cutting Medicare. 
In Arizona, money meant to help aggrieved homeowners is instead being used to help pay for corporate tax cuts.