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Francis Reynolds

Francis Reynolds

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Francis Reynolds is The Nation's Multimedia Editor. Contact him at frank at thenation dot com.


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Ten years after September 11, 2001, we are still engaged in an unwinnable "War on Terror," and have opened the door to a new vision of "normal"—a normal in which surveillance, detention and secrecy are unquestioned parts of our lives.

During the early twentieth century, Alan Lomax and his father John traveled throughout the American South searching for the work songs, spirituals and folk tales that gave the region it's unique identity.


Check out the twelve big-box retailers who are staying open for longer hours this holiday. 
The two bills of the act will create an inspector general position to monitor the NYPD and expand categories of New Yorkers protected...
A federal judge's ruling calls the NYPD's controversial practice unconstitutional and racially discriminatory.
The group aims to get African-American voters in seven battleground states to re-elect President Obama.
A new site lets you rate teachers, review textbooks and "raise awareness about America’s slide to communism."