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Eyal Press is a Nation contributing writer and the author of Absolute Convictions: My Father, a City, and the Conflict That Divided America (Picador). He is a Schwartz Fellow at the New America Foundation.


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In his recent memoir, former GOP insider Lincoln Chafee boldly decries the Bush era.

How can momentum be restored to the struggle for human rights? Begin by drawing the world's religions into the conversation.

To those who follow the Israeli-Palestinian conflict closely, the prospects for a two-state solution have never seemed dimmer. So why does veteran peacenik Uri Avnery remain so hopeful?

Sociologist Katherine Newman talks about the "near poor," that vast pool of workers who are neither officially destitute nor comfortably working-class.

What happens when a student magazine committed to fostering dialogue opens its pages to critical views on Israel?

For the first time, more poor Americans live in the nation's suburbs than in all our cities combined.

OH, GOD...

Rochester, NY

The secular left should think twice before casting religious people as
its foes. After all, alienating potential allies and confining
ourselves to a small sect of like-minded believers is what
fundamentalism is all about.

Israel's war with Hezbollah may have strengthened the hand of the
Israeli right, which has forgotten that peace comes only by negotiating
with those you do not trust.


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