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It’s absurd to expect agency auditors to sort out confusing, outdated campaign finance laws and regulations.

“Humanitarian” intervention would only deepen the humanitarian disaster.

As the hunger strike approaches its 100th day on May 17, 100 prisoners are refusing food.

We're still searching for the elusive balance between safety and liberty. Maybe, in the response to this attack, America can get it right.

In the Age of Bloomberg, America’s most iconic big city is also its most unequal.

Rinku Sen on the Associated Press's decision to "drop the 'i' word," Robert Dreyfuss on Hagel's bad budget rhetoric, and the editors on a prize for Nation illustrator Steven Brodner.

From the All in the Red Collective in New York to the Oxy Sexual Assault Coalition in California, young activists are on the march.

Obama's budget proposal is both bad politics and bad economics—our real crisis is that most Americans lack the means for a secure retirement.

Deride the NRA's spokesman all you want, but his group is close to gutting gun control legislation in Congress.