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Yes, it was a flawed compromise. But to achieve universal, humane healthcare for all, we first need effective implementation of the ACA.

The big story this November is a cross-country rejection of austerity and inequality and support for social justice.

The country must find the political will to end this national disgrace.

Five areas where Mayor de Blasio can make big progressive changes in New York City.

Will the Dems insist on a budget that addresses unemployment and inequality? Or will they snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by seeking “common ground”?

Think the Senate deal is a resounding defeat for Republicans? Think again.

And put an end to Republicans’ hostage-taking once and for all.

The United States has much to gain from improved relations and little to lose from easing sanctions.

For half a century, the Institute for Policy Studies has been an invaluable font of progressive ideas and action. We look forward to the next half-century.