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Dilip Hiro

Dilip Hiro is the author of Sharing the Promised Land: A Tale of Israelis and Palestinians (Interlink), Between Marx and Muhammad: The Changing Face of Central Asia (HarperCollins), Neighbors, Not Friends: Iraq and Iran After the Gulf Wars (Routledge), War Without End: Rise of Islamist Terrorism and the Global Response (also Routledge), Iraq: In the Eye of the Storm (Nation Books), Secrets and Lies: Operation "Iraqi Freedom" and After, The Iranian Labyrinth: Journeys Through Theocratic Iran and its FuriesBlood of the Earth: The Battle for the World's Vanishing Oil Resources and, most recently, After Empire: The Birth of a Multipolar World (all Nation Books).


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In the new politics of Afghanistan, the Obama administration finds itself being reduced to the status of bystander.

Its ‘generosity’ toward Cairo notwithstanding, Washington has been reduced to the role of a helpless bystander.

In Western hands, Afghanistan didn't transition to a "free market" system—but a particularly venal form of crony capitalism.

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How Pakistan makes Washington pay for the Afghan war.

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