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David Cole (@DavidColeGtown), The Nation's legal affairs correspondent, is the author, most recently, of The Torture Memos: Rationalizing the Unthinkable (New Press).


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The White House evidently believes it can kill us in secret and never own up to the fact.

A new report shows that a central element of the Bush administration response to 9/11 was itself to spread terror—on a global scale.

The Nation, with the ACLU and others, is suing the government over a law that allows unchecked surveillance. Will the Supreme Court even allow us to argue our case on the merits?

But the fact that five justices were nearly willing to strike it down shows just how conservative this Court truly is.

Contrary to many claims, the Supreme Court did not uphold the “show me your papers” provision of SB-1070—the decision is a near-complete victory for immigrants’ rights.

Las causas de Nueva York y Filadelfia son un llamado de atención a la policía y a las cortes para que hagan realidad la promesa de igual protección ante la ley para todos.

Growing public protest, along with two landmark lawsuits, may put an end to this dragnet policy that overwhelmingly targets young black and Latino men.

Why did Obama administration lawyers refuse to discount the possibility, even for First Amendment–protected speech?

In 2002 Washington deported an innocent man to Syria, where he was tortured. Why can’t we apologize?

Tarek Mehanna got seventeen years in prison for translating a document.


Affirmative action survives, for now, but the Court erects new hurdles for employment discrimination suits.
In a 6-2 decision, the Court prohibited the government from requiring organizations to espouse specific ideas in order to receive funding.
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A stunning report by The Guardian’s Glenn Greenwald reveals that the NSA has been tracking every call by Verizon business customers....
President Obama may not call the individual mandate a “tax”—but John Roberts does.
The Court gave the Obama administration near-total victory, striking down key parts of Arizona’s immigration law.
Today's decisions about sex, drugs, and union speech may offer clues about next week's decision on healthcare.
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