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David Bromwich

David Bromwich teaches English at Yale. His most recent book is
Skeptical Music: Essays on Modern Poetry (Chicago).


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To believe that our nation has always been exceptional requires a suppression of ordinary skepticism and a belief that calls for extraordinary arrogance.

Obama takes himself to be something like a benevolent monarch—a king in a mixed constitutional system, where the duties of the crown are largely ceremonial. 

Is it too soon to speak of the Bush-Obama presidency? A look at Obama's perpetuation of Bush's economic and national security policies. 

The administration constantly spoke of an “orderly transition,” unsure of how to support Egyptian demonstrators while not offending Mubarak. As Egypt’s example spreads throughout the region, Washington continues to watch history pass it by.

Richard Schickel's biography of Elia Kazan is a laudatory
postscript to a life marked by social turmoil, political strife and
artistic intensity.

The hero of The Namesake is an American of Bengali parentage
named Gogol Ganguli.