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Dana Goldstein

Dana Goldstein

Dana Goldstein is a Puffin Foundation writing fellow at The Nation Institute and a Schwartz Fellow at the New America Foundation. Her writing on education, women's issues, public health, and American politics has appeared in The Daily BeastThe American Prospect, The Nation, the Washington Post, The New Republic, Slate and BusinessWeek. You can follow her work at www.danagoldstein.net. Her book, The Teacher Wars, will be out next fall.


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To building a lasting peace between teachers unions and communities of color, we can’t forget their most painful battle of all.

The outlook for Mayor de Blasio’s signature initiative just got a whole lot brighter.

A crude and hackneyed film, Won't Back Down peddles an improbable and deceptive message about schools and poverty.

New studies show that many teachers are unhappy in their jobs—and in this climate of austerity, it's no wonder.

The journalist blames teachers unions, not economic inequality, for students’ failure to achieve.

Given skyrocketing college costs and the bleak jobs outlook, some argue that vocational school is an apt alternative to a four-year liberal arts program for many working-class kids.

Why won't Facebook philanthropist Mark Zuckerberg use his gift to build on progress already being made?

The celebrated film tells a familiar story about unions and schools—but misses what's new.

Charter and merit pay advocates make up in lobbying what they lack in community support.


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