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Christine Smallwood

Christine Smallwood, a writer in New York, is former associate literary editor of The Nation.


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A conversation with Nato Thompson on experimental geography, Trevor Paglen and the outlook for the arts.

Jill Lepore and Jane Kamensky talk about how they wrote the occasionally racy historical novel Blindspot.

A newsman who witnessed the carnage at Jonestown talks about the People's Temple, the power of images and the state of news.

The director of the Studio Museum in Harlem talks about gentrification, MFA burnouts and how artworks speak to us.

The Nobel Prize-winning author talks about Barack Obama, the writer; language; and her new novel, A Mercy.

What possessed the fierce individualist George R. Stewart to compile a history of place-naming in the United States?

The novelist and publisher discusses zombies, teen romance and her reaction to being labeled a "New Weird" writer.

A doctor defends scientific research against the potentially fatal misperceptions of the anti-vaccine movement.

Cell biologist Kenneth Miller discusses the dangers of politicized science.

The filmmaker discusses the American Dream, crummy jobs and his new work, The Pool.


NBC has abandoned, in the words of the American Family Association website , its plans to "Attack Christians with Spears."...
Muslims across Europe have taken offense to the Dutch editorial cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed; some countries have boycotted...