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Christine Smallwood

Christine Smallwood, a writer in New York, is former associate literary editor of The Nation.


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A conversation with the author of Fair Use: Notes From Spam about spam, scambaiters and language games.

Epidemiologist Philip Alcabes discusses the social fears surrounding epidemics and why risk can't be eliminated from life.

A conversation with the author of The Life You Can Save about charitable giving and the utility monster argument.

C. Wright Mills, Man for All Seasons

Bar Harbor Island, Fla.

A conversation with the author of The Shipment about American theater, irony and Mariah Carey.

Journalist Michelle Goldberg discusses the past fifty years of global reproductive issues.

A conversation with the author of A Jury of Her Peers: American Women Writers from Anne Bradstreet to Annie Proulx.

Philosopher Alva Noë talks about the brain, consciousness and animal rights.

A conversation with astrophysicist Adam Frank about science, religion and manifestations of the sacred in the physical world.


NBC has abandoned, in the words of the American Family Association website , its plans to "Attack Christians with Spears."...
Muslims across Europe have taken offense to the Dutch editorial cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed; some countries have boycotted...