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Christian Parenti

Christian Parenti

Christian Parenti, a Nation contributing editor and visiting scholar at the CUNY Graduate Center, is the author of Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence (Nation Books, June 2011).


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The effort to rebuild Iraq looks less like an aid mission than a criminal racket.

As the siege drags on, this insurgent stronghold descends into chaos.

"Boys, we are in a bad situation. Yes, very bad."

It is unlikely that Mejia's allegations about the conduct of his superiors will be investigated.

In Iraq's media war, US troops are imprisoning and abusing Arab journalists.

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Iraq lies in ruin, the US military occupation is generating a sustained
guerrilla resistance, crime is rampant in Baghdad and an Iraqi civil war
along ethnic and religious lines is a real possi

The insurgent delegations were in many respects the product of years of anti-WTO organizing.