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Christian Parenti

Christian Parenti

Christian Parenti, a Nation contributing editor and visiting scholar at the CUNY Graduate Center, is the author of Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence (Nation Books, June 2011).


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The Kurds have almost no natural resources and suffer from a culture of
corruption. But their call for autonomy is a serious threat to the
building of a united Iraq.

Despite persistent calls from the right to raze the
ruined city, gritty storm survivors from New Orleans to Gulfport and
Houston begin to put their lives together again.

At first glance New Orleans looks like a cross between a
giant conceptual art installation or the set of a cold war disaster

Despite elections now expected this summer, Bolivia
remains locked in a political stalemate, with core issues unresolved
and the path forward unclear.

Unwilling to suffer through another generation of brutal poverty, the indigenous people of Bolivia have taken to the streets in La Paz.

The war-ravaged, opium-dependent country lives in fear of a new drug war.

The Afghan presidential election was plagued with fraud and technical

How free and fair is an election run by warlords?