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Bryce Covert

Bryce Covert

Bryce Covert is the Economic Policy Editor for ThinkProgress and a blogger at TheNation.com.


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It’s easier than you think.

Conservatives’ silver bullet is a joke.

Progressives have forgotten that taxes do more than just raise money.

Paul Ryan’s poverty plan uses old tricks to make deep cuts.

Both Republicans and Democrats want to solve economic insecurity by giving people more purchasing power. There’s a better solution.

If Republicans are playing hardball, Democrats should too.

Ryan wouldn’t just slash Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. He would fundamentally alter how those programs work.


This deal was a mixed bag, and the next one will likely be worse.
The urge to pull children from schools and arm oneself may be understandable, but we need to come together for solutions.
The chained CPI proposal in Obama's fiscal cliff offer will hurt impoverished elderly women.
How will women dominate the economy if we’ve hit a plateau at the top?
You can save the babies or you can save the budget, but you can’t do both.
Ross Douthat is worried about fewer American babies. Family policy could be the answer.
One of the fastest-growing job sectors in the country pays $10 per hour. That’s a big problem.
A raise would reduce inequality and boost the economy. Why won’t lawmakers act?