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Bryce Covert

Bryce Covert

Bryce Covert is the Economic Policy Editor for ThinkProgress and a blogger at TheNation.com.


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America’s giant wealth disparity is driven by a history of racist redlining.

It’s easier than you think.

Conservatives’ silver bullet is a joke.

Progressives have forgotten that taxes do more than just raise money.

Paul Ryan’s poverty plan uses old tricks to make deep cuts.

Both Republicans and Democrats want to solve economic insecurity by giving people more purchasing power. There’s a better solution.

If Republicans are playing hardball, Democrats should too.


Girls may outperform boys in school, but the workplace is still stacked against them.
Women put in long hours inside and outside the home, making a more prosperous economy, and we reward them with crappy public policy.
There’s no biological explanation for why women end up doing more housework, so it must stem from societal forces.
There’s no objective explanation for why black women make less than white women.
Ta-Nehisi Coates's detractors are too quick to declare him overly pessimistic about how white supremacy still shapes our society.
If the world demands that you work twice as hard to get half the reward, why would you handicap yourself?
Cadillac thinks we get more glory—and stuff—by working so hard. Research says the opposite.
We can’t change the workplace by asking women to lean out. We have to start with men.