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Bryce Covert

Bryce Covert

Bryce Covert is the Economic Policy Editor for ThinkProgress and a blogger at TheNation.com.


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It’s easier than you think.

Conservatives’ silver bullet is a joke.

Progressives have forgotten that taxes do more than just raise money.

Paul Ryan’s poverty plan uses old tricks to make deep cuts.

Both Republicans and Democrats want to solve economic insecurity by giving people more purchasing power. There’s a better solution.

If Republicans are playing hardball, Democrats should too.

Ryan wouldn’t just slash Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. He would fundamentally alter how those programs work.


We can’t change the workplace by asking women to lean out. We have to start with men.
Female CEOs are consistently paid less than male ones. What have they done to deserve less pay?
Conservatives want to see more marriages, but the government has a poor track record of getting people together.
Putting a harder cap on overtime would create more jobs and give exhausted workers more time to take care of their home lives. 
The New York governor’s refusal to allocate funds for universal pre-K reveals the limits of his social progressivism.
More diversity in leadership brings a diversity of perspectives—and might help raise objections before a bad decision goes public.
Society gives women little room to make mistakes, but their aversion to risk taking may pay off for companies’ bottom lines.
Ten bills blocking paid sick days have been passed, seven this year alone. But that doesn’t have progressives down.