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Braden Goyette

Braden was a web intern at The Nation and a staff writer at Campus Progress in the Fall of 2010. You can follow her on Twitter or at bradencaitlin.tumblr.com.


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A rally in opposition to the proposed Islamic center in lower Manhattan marred what should have been a day of remembrance and reflection with disturbing outbursts of racism and misogyny.


Georgia's decision to ban undocumented students from top state schools is part of a larger assault on Plyler vs. Doe, the decision that...
Anti-hunger activists explain why cutting food stamps is going to hurt kids.
A house bill was passed in Arizona last spring banning ethnic studies classes like African American history and Chicano studies. This week...
Can the Texas Board of Education use its purchasing power to determine how Islam is portrayed in your state's textbooks?
Even though the DREAM Act didn't make it through the senate ths week, DREAM activists came out of the experience with some gains...
If you're between 13-23 years old, you can win $500 for making a video about how you would spend a trillion dollars to help your community.
Senators decide next week if hundreds of thousands of undocumented young people will get a path to citizenship. Student activists are...