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Bob Moser, a Nation contributing writer, is editor of The Texas Observer and author of Blue Dixie: Awakening the South's Democratic Majority.


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While Obama was winning over Virginians he was not supposed to have a prayer with, McCain was losing some voters he must have.

As Clinton and Obama square off in South Carolina, a window opens on the fractured state of black politics. It's been an extended soul search. And it ain't over yet.

Have Democrats already blown the biggest swing state?

Democrats gained steam in Tuesday's off-year elections, making it even more obvious that two significant Southern states are up for grabs in 2008.

Forget Values Voters. With Bushism discredited and mainstream Republicans looking for candidates with business savvy and competence, Democrats may be facing far more formidable foes than they imagined.

Opposition to the Iraq War has created some unlikely alliances in Kentucky, much to the chagrin of Senator Mitch McConnell.

Democrats are poised to seize a historic opportunity to win back voters in the South and West they started losing four decades ago.

The candidates ignored race, class and religion, and fumbled the key question of how to get out of Iraq.

The South is more purple than red, and Democrats don't need to sell their souls to win it back.


I could analyze Senator Barack Obama's Mississippi win all day--and wouldn't that be a kick? But I wouldn't be able to do nearly as...