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Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben is the author of a dozen books, most recently The Bill McKibben Reader, an essay collection. A scholar in residence at Middlebury College, he is co-founder of 350.org, the largest global grassroots organizing campaign on climate change.


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Why the fossil fuel industry fights so hard.

Time to stop being cynical about corporate money in politics and start being angry.

Climate change might be more important to voters than most politicians think.

Do the president's campaign e-mails and leadership style in general betray the heavy hand of big oil on his administration?

Dan Choi got arrested for protesting Keystone XL, even though climate change isn't "his" issue. This is what solidarity looks like.

Ongoing nonviolent protests in front of the White House are urging President Obama to stop a prospective 1,700-mile-long tar-sands pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

It's yes or no for a climate-killing oil pipeline slated to run from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico—and Obama gets to make the call.

If we value the planet, we are going to have to get cruel and blunt about defending its beautiful geography from the fossil fuel industry. 

Call it money pollution. The torrents of cash now pouring unchecked into our political system cloud judgment and obscure science.

You can't bargain about global warming with chemistry and physics.