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Barbara Garson

Barbara Garson is the author of a series of books describing American working lives at historical turning points, including All the Livelong Day (1975), The Electronic Sweatshop (1988) and Money Makes the World Go Around (2001). Her new book, just published, is Down the Up Escalator: How the 99% Live in the Great Recession (Doubleday).


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The Obama administration’s inclination to rely on the private sector to solve major societal problems can lead to dysfunction, if not chaos.

How corporate America used the Great Recession to turn good jobs into bad ones. 

If the majority of American workers were producing more without earning more, who was going to buy all the stuff?

Desperate for medical care, an ailing granny pies the President and
finds a soft bed in a country club prison. It's enough to make you go
out and commit a crime.