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Aura Bogado

Aura Bogado


Aura Bogado writes about racial justice, Native rights, and immigration for The Nation. A former host and producer for Pacifica radio, her work has also been published in Mother Jones, Newsweek Argentina, Colorlines.com and The Huffington Post. She is currently based in New York City. 


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All the rhetoric surrounding immigration reform tends to obscure some basic facts.

While Washington debates a grand immigration resolution, some activists are putting their bodies on the line to free those in detention today.

From voter ID laws to inaccessible polling stations, Native voters in Arizona face a cascading series of hurdles to participating in the November election.


A Republican poll watcher complains that too many people of color were voting in Aurora, Colorado, on Election Day. 
Colorado’s Latino voters could well decide this election—but some may have to overcome harassment to cast their ballots.
Long locked out of the front door to electoral process, undocumented immigrants are creating a window of opportunity.
Although many people think it’s relatively easy to get a state issued ID, one Navajo elder would disagree.
Despite a federal obligation to do so, the swing state’s public service agencies are accused of not providing their clients with...
People across the country are organizing their religious communities ahead of this year's presidential election. Here’s one story...
Looking to find out how to register your vote? These social media apps can help. 
Kentucky makes it nearly impossible for former felons to vote, but a grassroots group is fighting back.