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Aura Bogado

Aura Bogado


Aura Bogado writes about racial justice, Native rights, and immigration for The Nation. A former host and producer for Pacifica radio, her work has also been published in Mother Jones, Newsweek Argentina, Colorlines.com and The Huffington Post. She is currently based in New York City. 


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All the rhetoric surrounding immigration reform tends to obscure some basic facts.

While Washington debates a grand immigration resolution, some activists are putting their bodies on the line to free those in detention today.

From voter ID laws to inaccessible polling stations, Native voters in Arizona face a cascading series of hurdles to participating in the November election.


Aside from being a celebration of xenophobia and misogyny, the Oscars also failed to pay tribute to Lupe Ontiveros and Russell Means.
Keep these facts in mind the next time you read anything about immigration.
A Freedom of Information Act Request reveals that immigration agents were instructed to search DMV records to target immigrants. 
Some undocumented immigrants expected more on immigration from Obama’s State of the Nation speech. 
The House held its first immigration hearing of the year—and undocumented youth claimed their space there. 
Does the national debate over immigration reform augur a more just sytem? Ask immigrants themselves. 
Natives have proven crucial to Democrats’ success across the West, but their struggle for democracy remains one of the least...
Edi Arma’s 11-year-old son describes the trauma of seeing his dad picked up by ICE agents.