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Akiva Gottlieb

Akiva Gottlieb is a writer in Los Angeles.


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The Complete Jean Vigo, Travis Wilkerson’s An Injury to One.

José Luis Guerín’s In the City of Sylvia, Tanya Hamilton’s Night Catches Us, Martin Scorsese’s New York, New York.

Jane Campion reconsidered.

James L. Brooks’s Broadcast News, Alan Rudolph’s Trouble in Mind, Jonathan Demme’s Something Wild.

For Jonathan Rosenbaum, the golden age of filmgoing is as dead as the drive-in, but cinephilia is thriving.

In his Letters from Fontainhas trilogy, Pedro Costa treats the balance of form and content as a moral imperative.

Against the background of the surge, David Finkel twists the concept of wartime good into a cosmic joke.

A new volume of essays shows Hollis Frampton leaving behind photography for film.

A callous vigilante and sentimental old fogy, Clint Eastwood has become indivisible from his myth.

Angel Wagenstein and the evolution of modern Jewish storytelling.