China Will Decide the Fate of Ukraine

Only a decisive defeat of Putinism would offer the world some slight hope of restoring some measure of planetary balance.

John Feffer

Boris Johnson’s Days Are Numbered

The Tory prime minister’s ethical lapses are legion, constant, and shocking.

Gary Younge

America’s Lapdog Britain Moves to Extradite Julian Assange

If President Biden really cared about press freedom, he would have canceled the extradition request months ago.

Peter Oborne

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A woman in a colorful jacket holds up a ballot.

In Colombia, “a Government of the Callused Hands”

In Francia Marquez’s hometown, those have suffered the brunt of the violence and inequality are welcoming a new future.

Laura Carlsen
Presidents Putin and Jinping

What We Can Learn From the Last Cold War

There are indeed a number of parallels between our cold wars, old and new.

Alfred McCoy
Farm workers mmarch to protest the H2-A guestworker program

Reviving the Bracero Program Is the Wrong Answer for Workers

Not even Biden’s own Labor Department believes that the administration’s proposal to bring in more seasonal farm labor will improve working conditions.

David Bacon

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The Pentagon Gets More Money, and Americans Pay the Price

What’s all this new defense spending for?

Katrina vanden Heuvel
Nuclear missile

We Must Keep Fighting to Stop the Arms Race

Or we risk facing the unimaginable. 

Katrina vanden Heuvel
Portrait of Haitian president

What the French Really Owe Haiti

Compensation for a history suffused with violence that left physical wounds and psychological trauma.

Marlene L. Daut




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