Cuba: Havana to Trinidad

Experience the magic of Havana and the stunning colonial city of Trinidad.

Join us on this tour in “Support of the Cuban People.” The U.S. Government permits legal travel to Cuba under 12 different categories that range from professional meetings and sporting competitions to religious and humanitarian travel. One of the broadest and most common categories of travel is “Support for the Cuban People,” which requires travelers maintain a fulltime schedule of activities that involve meaningful interaction with individuals in Cuba and that those activities help Cubans become more independent. There are many ways in which travelers can fulfill this requirement while having an incredible experience in Cuba and enjoying thoughtful, respectful and kind interactions with the many Cubans you will meet with during your travels.

The Nation and our tour operator Cuba Educational Travel (CET), have a long history of working with entrepreneurs, cultural groups, religious organizations, community projects and families and individuals that are involved in interesting and exciting initiatives in Cuba. Our trips have always been aimed at supporting the Cuban people through connecting them with travelers visiting the island, so that all parties can benefit from the friendships and professional relationships that result. Moreover, we believe strongly in supporting innovative and impactful businesses and social and cultural initiatives and make sure there are economic benefits to our partners on the island.

Your program will include activities that directly benefit the Cuban people through conversations, knowledge sharing, follow-up initiatives, donations, normal business dealings and a variety of other actions. Excessive free time and recreational activities are not permitted, and travelers are required to work with CET and our local partners to maintain a full-time program that includes incredibly fun and interesting site visits, discussions, performances, tours, happy hours and meals that help our incredible neighbors on the island.

See the itinerary for complete details. Questions? Contact us via the form at the bottom of this page or call us at 212-209-5401.


  • Meet with entrepreneurs, economists, and members of independent media to who will share their thoughts on opportunities and challenges in Cuba.
  • Take a walking tour of Old Havana and marvel at the stunning architecture.
  • Stay in privately owned bed & breakfasts in Trinidad and enjoy great meals in private restaurants throughout the program.
  • Learn about housing, infrastructure and restoration programs in Havana during a lecture with urban planner Miguel Coyula.
  • Hear from economist Ricardo Torres. Learn how US travel supports Cubans and ways to help entrepreneurs during your visit.
  • Visit Trinidad and hear about the city’s history from an architectural, economic and infrastructural point of view during a discussion with historian and restoration specialist, Nancy Benitez.
  • Support local artists and musicians during private meetings in studios and in homes.


See the itinerary for complete details. Questions? Contact us via the form at the bottom of this page or call us at 212-209-5401.


100% of the proceeds from our travel programs support The Nation’s journalism.

The Nation purchases carbon offsets to cover the emissions generated by our travel program in order to help mitigate effects on the climate.


February 5 - 12, 2022


From $4,970