Eating is essential to life. But what are the costs – economic, social, environmental – that impact the sustainability of our food system? Join us in California as we seek to connect the dots and understand the realities of where our food comes from, how it is grown, processed, priced and distributed and who earns what in our current system. Meet innovators who are passionately committed to making this system more just, humane and sustainable. We begin in Los Angeles and travel through California’s rich soil and temperate climate to the Salinas Valley, immortalized in the writings of John Steinbeck. Along the way we will talk with growers, including Apricot Lane Farms featured in “The Biggest Little Farm”. We’ll talk to workers, farmers, inventors and distributors and learn about labor issues, water rights, alternative meat, green energy and more. See what makes California the leading incubator of new food ideas and a breadbasket of the world.



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