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Youth news and analysis from The Nation

  • May 8, 2001

    The Fight for the Americas

    In Canada, Maude Barlow gave a stirring speech criticizing the free-trade agenda of the Summit of the Americas.

    Maude Barlow

  • November 16, 2000

    Caught in the WAVE

    A corporate antiviolence program targets students who don't fit in.

    Jane Spencer

  • February 23, 2000

    California Youth Take Initiative

    Four hundred teenagers converged outside the four-star Hilton hotel in San Francisco, then pushed inside the plush lobby with whoops and chants.

    Robin Templeton

  • September 30, 1999

    Noise From Underground

    For more information about Positive Force, or to send donations to the Arthur S. Flemming Center, write to Positive Force, 3510 North 8th Street, Arlington, VA 22201. Checks should be made payable to Emmaus Services for the Aging.

    Johnny Temple


  • July 8, 1999

    Natural Born Killers

    It didn't take long for the press to connect 21-year-old white-supremacist multikiller Benjamin Smith with the all-purpose explanation du jour: violent entertainment, in this case the computer g

    Katha Pollitt

  • July 1, 1999

    Media Matters

    A new bride returns from a romantic honeymoon and opens a locked door in the family home, only to discover the mutilated corpses of her husband's six ex-wives.

    Tara Zahra

  • May 20, 1999

    Smart Bombs

    There was quite an astonishing little item in the paper recently about the sort of thing that makes me glad I grew up in the inner city: i.e., the national proliferation of "assassination games"

    Patricia J. Williams

  • April 29, 1999

    The Guns of Littleton

    Dylan Klebold "is intelligent enough to make any dream a reality," a juvenile court counselor wrote last year.

    Bruce Shapiro